Derwin Benfer
Great food, reasonable prices, great atmosphere.
Cathy Hanchett
Prices are competitive and for me they are close by. Nice folks - great addition to our community.
ryan hackman
Best Wings and Pizza in the area by far. They deliver too! Friendly staff and good price. You won't be disappointed with the food.
Christine Campbell
Loved the hoagie I got from here. My husband had one as well. We also picked up Lancaster County type of soda. We saw the largest Peanut Butter Eggs that we have ever seen!!! They are HUGE!! Great for fresh produce too, flowers, seeds for planting, canning produce, and so much more.
Jenna June
Really wonderful little place that offers a little of everything. Absolutely awesome prices for fresh produce, bakery, deli meats, cheeses, and butchered meats. You can sign up for a Farm to Table program and get a weekly half bushel box of produce for $15 or a bushel box for $23. Worth the short drive out of town to take advantage of these great deals.
Dee Jackson
Friendly staff, Fresh foods
Kathy David
Food is fabulous !! Prices are wonderful !! Fresh veggies are great !! Great selection · Fresh food · Convenient location · Knowledgeable staff